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This album is centered around songs we selected from some pesky unreleased tunes that had been following me around for years, songs and stories that tugged at my sleeves like wanton children and kept getting in my shoes like unwanted sand.


"Like pearls forming around a tiny grain of sand, over time these songs became precious. I feel that these slowly cultivated recordings are what make this album so unique. If I listen closely, I can hear how musicians and songs developed over time, from the original core recordings through all the different layers of creative contributions that reshaped the songs as time passed by: A Collection of Pearls."

Eric Kerns, born and bred in New England, grew up in the suburbs like so many baby boomers in America during the rebellious 70s.  Influenced by the melodic singer songwriters and the experimental rock and blues of the era, Eric gravitated towards the less commercial, and more politically engaged artists of the time and does still to this day. 

A singer/songwriter from the American tradition, yet a huge fan of the creative songwriting of the Beatles, with musical heroes such as James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Little Feat, The Grateful Dead and Crosby Stills Nash, and Young. 

Eric takes us by surprise with songs that are heartfelt musical lightning rods about you, me, and....



An Old song of mine, in a new jacket. Perfomed live at my cd release in 2018. 

"I always like to say this song is about Ships and Relations Ships over time. It's an Id and Ego thing as well. Loved that the Crowd Joined in so easily.."

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