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Eric plays his songs and with a variety of duo partners Janos Koolen, Eka Permana, or Bram Ramshorst. These players each bring their own color and sound to Erics' songs. Eric recognizes the synergy that comes when working with different people with different voices and talents. Interacting with them musically and vocally brings the music to a higher level he says. " I come from a school of song writing that leaves room for an instrumental solo in each song, these players get to tell their own small story in each song as well as adding their own unique harmonies"

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Listen to my music. My album, new songs and more!


Playing the music that inspires me, written by others, live on stage with friends. 


Eric Kerns, born and bred in New England, grew up in the suburbs like so many baby boomers in America during the rebellious 70s.  Influenced by the melodic singer songwriters and the experimental rock.. Read more

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